Passionist Youth Immersion 2009


[i múrsh’n, i múr‘n]


complete involvement: involvement in something that completely occupies all the time, energy, or concentration available

PAYO (PAssionist YOuth)

[paa yô]


a group of young people committed to spread the memory of the Passion of Christ to its fellow youth through living example and apostolate. PAYO, one of the lay-partners of the Passionist Congregation, is composed of young people coming from the north and south provinces.

Immersion is one of the annual activities of the group wherein they spend, wholly observe, spearhead and guide the whole Holy Week activities to some mission areas of Catholic Mission to the Indigenous People (CMIP) under the Passionist Congregation.

PayoLentenRecollectionOn March 21-22, 2009, the Passionist Youth was gathered for a Lenten Recollection at EB Dormitory, St. Paul of the Cross Novitiate Compound, Lagao, General Santos ParaliturgyCity., in preparation for the annual Immersion Program of the group under the Passionist Congregation and on April 5, 2009, a day before the scheduled starting date of the immersion, a Paraliturgy (not my will but Yours be done) was done at the chapel of Novitiate Compound led by the chaplain Fr. Rogie V. Castellano, CP, a send-off blessing for the said activity.

April 6, 2009 (T’boli Area) and April 7, 2009 (Alabel Area)

Regularly, only two or three members are assigned on a certain community depending on the number of areas designated to beskye facilitated for the activity. The members who volunteered were dropped to a vehicle-accessible place (T’boli- Fitak, Alabel-Paraiso) and then their ‘walk of faith’ began. They have walked, gaited, strode the paved and tangled tracks, climbed, slide and glided the slopes of the mounts for hours to reach the areas of assignment. Staff houses (if there is any), laycos’ and some community leaders’ houses served as their foster homes for a week-long stay. Geared along with their clothing and personal hygiskyeene regimens of course were their food for their whole stay, the “walang kamatayang ‘noodles and sardines’” (not that they complain, those were appreciated though, bong kamdom!). During their stay at the area, they usually conduct recollections and reflections that fitted for the observation, indulgence and appreciation of the meaning of the holy week aside from guiding them the sequence of the activities (from the Last Supper to Easter).

paraisoImmersion; where these young individuals chose to be deserted from their families and friends in time of this solemn celebration of God’s love, chose this break over a restful vacationa401 from a hard work… chose to throw, dedicate and live their seven days to commemorate and impart the true understanding of the Holy Week with our indigenous brothers and sisters, who needs our unending support, understanding and prayers.


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