the white rose

it was because of my brother’s untoward behavior at school that made me thought to throw my time for lunch with i went to their dining abode and saw her unpacked the food i brought, i was stunned and shrieked a so loud “WOW”, that i guess even the people at the convent could hear my sigh of astonishment (exaj ha!) as amazement wrapped the entire me owed to those three lovely white roses (they really were!promise!) courtesy of miming’s amatore..sherwin! (kudos to sherwin, he made my day! ..ooops..well thanks to miming also, the reason behind the flowers :-o)

there i was again, shared an incident with a lovely white rose to miming while just watching her to and fro in preparing the table for three..wanna hear it?ok listen..


i was at the youth camp with ate weng (who knows her?..raise your feet!), particularly at the facilitators’ lounge, we were then preparing the flowers for the mass. there was this white little rose that made me remember the recent or the very last guy who gave me one. i told ate weng about such instance but of course i did not mention his name (hey, you’re safe!hehehe) and the moment that struck me out of our conversation was when she uttered “be, that someone who gave you that white rose will be your partner in life.” (ooops, don’t ract, weng is just playing clairvouyant!) of course, i reacted…that someone just gave me the flower ‘coz he simply knows that it’s one of my favorites and he once had promised that when he gets here, he’ll give me one (of which, i couldn’t remember anymore if i had requested or obliged him to..hehehe), and i ‘guess’ to simply make me happy that very day.

And all i heard from miming was “hahaha!”..and..i don’t wanna hear anything from you..hahaha!

special thanks to sherwin for the picture!


~ by babeskye on March 21, 2009.

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