staying up late

it has been awhile since i hit the sack early at night. 10 in the evening 05-09-08_1202-1seemed still 5 in the afternoon for me. it has been my every day routine and no matter how i tried to get to bed before 10pm, i could not rest myself.

tonight, is one those nights when i fight my urge to be back here in the computer room. as early as 9pm, i prepared  by bed. smoothed and set up everything to make it the most comfortable bed that one could ever lied down. unfortunately i caught myself tossing and turning and kicked some side pillows and blanket off from bed.

i succumbed to the insomniac me.

in less than a minute, i found myself hurriedly turning on the computer. as i was waiting to get it connected to the internet, my cellphone beeped. the moment i activated the keypad of my mobile phone, my attention draw to its digital clock and it tells that it is already 12:50 AM.

this made me wonder how can i able to stay up so late. at this very hour, i am as awake those who got up at 6am and gathering themselves for work at 8am. this also made me thought of those times i had spent with this someone over the phone and even through yahoo messenger that reached us at 3 in the morning.

i recalled what i have done this day, of course, i think, somehow has an effect of my staying up late. and these got into view:

* i stayed up late last night
* i woke up at almost midday today
* after i have eaten my brunch (breakfast and lunch), i got hold of the      keyboard and mouse and found myself clicking my way to tim berners lee’s invention; the world   wide web (www)
* i slept at around 3pm and got up at around 5pm
* i consumed 3 mugs of coffee

as this issue occupied my mind, i decided to know some things that would or might or hopefully help change my state. i started keying in the texts ‘staying up late’ in the search engine, i browsed all the way down to whatever that would first appeal to my curious mind and finally i settled on this one–> “Staying Up Late: Why Everyone Should Go to Bed Earlier.”

i expended my time on reading the article that honestly did move me. it had taught me almost everything, like the pros and cons of staying up late and what it contitutes.

i would really think through about this at the this very moment. uhm, had the article worked for anyone? that’s i guess what i want to find out myself.

so, i think i have to stop my fingers tapping here. gotta hit the sack!
sogni d’oro to me!


~ by babeskye on March 21, 2009.

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