afternoon delight

father and sonIt was an anticipated exciting afternoon when my friend and I decided to spend it on the beach. We were talking stuff like children and happiness then.

While my eyes were glued to the huge body of water, I remembered my experience with this little fellow I was with in a tricycle with his mother. When the vehicle pass through the bridge, this little thing wailed “ma, dagat! yehey dagat!”, but his mother shushed him and said “sapa na ‘nak.”, the child went silent yet the glow in his eyes of seeing the thing that aroused his excitement remained.

I shared it with my friend and as the conversation lingered on such event, a family consists of a father, mother and a little boy arrived with their motorcycle. Later when they’ve settled their things to the cottage adjacent to ours, the child semi-circled the kiosk and had the fuller view of the beach, clapped his hands and screamed “yehey, dagat!, dagat!”, no one stopped him, no one shushed him to be silent, no one hindered the overflowing joy as he’d seen the beach.

That alone, such scene, such tiny voice had banged and washed silence over me, and I quietly wished that I was a child again, capable of appreciating and finding happiness on things that I now consider shallow.


~ by babeskye on March 21, 2009.

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